Eisai Joins Hands with True Digital to Respond to Aging Society, Opening the First Online Memory Consultation Clinic in Thailand with Free Doctor Consultations through the MorDee Application

“1st e-Memory Clinic in Thailand for Better Brain Health and Alzheimer’s Prevention”  

Eisai Collaborates with True Digital to support individuals with memory problems and those who want to assess their brain health, enabling them to consult with doctors online anytime, anywhere. Consult with doctors about brain health and memory issues through the E-Memory Clinic on the MorDee application, covering Memory and cognitive problems in working age, mild cognitive impairment in pre-retirement age, memory issues in the elderly that may lead to Dementia and Alzheimer’s, as well as advice on caregivers’ mental health, with medication delivery to your doorstep 

Eisai (Thailand) marketing co., ltd., a leader in the Alzheimer’s disease treatment industry, led by Mr.Nattapan Nimmanpatcharin, the President of Eisai Thailand, signed a memorandum of understanding with Mr.Natwut Amornvivat,Director of the Board, True Digital Group, a leading comprehensive digital service provider, to promote understanding, disease prevention, and access to treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia in Thailand.** 

Mr. Kanazawa Shohei, Vice President and President of the Asia and Latin America Region at Eisai mentioned, said that with Eisai’s vision as a pharmaceutical company that has long researched Alzheimer’s disease treatment, there is an intention to raise awareness of memory problems, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease among working-age people, those over fifty years old (50+) who have high work stress and risk factors for high cholesterol or high blood pressure, which may have long-term negative effects on the brain, especially memory, and may turn into Alzheimer’s disease when entering old age. 

In the 50+ age group, symptoms are often overlooked due to a busy lifestyle and are viewed as problems associated with “increasing age” or considered minor issues. Examples of important leading symptoms that need to be aware of and require medical attention include frequent short-term memory impairment, such as frequent forgetfulness, deteriorating cognition and decision-making, as well as loss of concentration and focus. These symptoms are dangerous signs. Therefore, early assessment of brain health and memory during this age range can help people know whether their brain health level is normal or not. If brain health levels are found to be declining, they can work with doctors to find ways to reduce negative factors affecting the brain before it’s too late. 

“Eisai” has collaborated with “True Digital” to launch the E-Memory Clinic service on the MorDee (Good Doctor) application, your personal doctor at hand, to facilitate those who are suspicious, worried, or at risk. They can purchase brain health check packages using self-administered brain health products (CogMateTM) and can consult with specialist doctors online without the need to travel. 

Mr.Nattapan Nimmanpatcharin, Chairman of True Digital Group Co., Ltd., said that True Digital aims to use technology to improve the quality of life for Thai people, making it more convenient, safer, and healthier. Especially now that Thailand is entering an aging society, the number of patients with various diseases that come with age is continuously increasing. Dementia is one of the diseases that affects both the elderly and their families. According to statistics from the Department of Medical Services, the number of elderly people suffering from dementia in 2022 was as high as 770,000, or 6% of the total elderly population in the country, and the trend is increasing every year, with an average of one hundred thousand people per year. Brain health check-ups and receiving proper care and prevention advice from doctors can help reduce the chances of developing dementia. True Digital has collaborated with Eisai, a researcher of Alzheimer’s disease treatment drugs, to extend the E-Memory Clinic service function on the MorDee (Good Doctor) application. It allows for self-administered brain health check-ups and online consultation with neurological and brain specialist doctors at any time and place, with a choice of phone, chat, and video call (VDO Call) consultations, as well as home delivery of prescribed medications, saving time and expenses without having to travel to the hospital. We believe that this collaboration will be a part of helping to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s disease for the elderly in a timely manner, helping the elderly to have better health, as well as improving public health services in Thailand. 

Those interested in consulting with doctors at the E-Memory Clinic through the MorDee (Good Doctor) application can receive free consultations from brain specialists when purchasing a self-administered brain health check-up package, CogMateTM, via www.CogMateThailand.com.** 

Simple steps for brain health check-ups and doctor consultations at “E-Memory Clinic” through the MorDee (Good Doctor) application: 

Purchasing a special package 

1.Purchase the special package “for CogMate™ brain health check-up with online doctor consultation” (Special package) via www.CogMateThailand.com. 

2.Users can immediately start taking the brain health check-up test on the www.CogMateThailand.com platform. After completing the test, the results should be saved in pdf format for future doctor consultations. The free doctor consultation code will be displayed in the user’s profile section. Simply click the benefits button, and the doctor consultation code will be displayed instantly. 

Preparing for an online doctor visit 

1. Download the MorDee app by clicking https://mordee.app.link/mordee

2. Select the profile menu to register for use. 

3. Click on the home menu, then click on the search bar, and select E-Memory Clinic. 

4. Make an appointment by selecting the desired doctor and the consultation format (chat/phone call/video call). 

5. Enter the received code during the payment process to use the free online doctor consultation service. 

6. Consult with the doctor at the appointed time and purchase medications according to the doctor’s prescription (if any). Wait for the medications to be delivered to your home. For more information, contact LineOA: @mordeeapp. 

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