Eisai Celebrates the Success of the “RISE AD Thailand Forum” in Bangkok To invite associate individuals to contribute ecosystem for AD patients for the first time in Thailand 

Bangkok, Thailand (12th March 2024): Eisai (Thailand) Marketing Co., Ltd., (President: Mr. Nattapan Nimmanpatcharin, “Eisai Thailand”), a pioneering pharmaceutical company dedicated to the research and development of Alzheimer’s disease treatments, is delighted to announce the success of the “RISE AD Thailand Forum.”

The event, held at Eastin Grand Hotel in Bangkok, marked a significant milestone in the collective journey to enhance the Alzheimer’s ecosystem in Thailand. The primary objective of this forum is to elevate the awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease in Thailand and bring together stakeholders capable of making a profound impact on this ecosystem. It will emphasize      irrespective of their industry, every participant has a pivotal role in shaping a dementia-friendly environment. 

The event has an honor  to welcome the esteemed private sector participants from leading insurance companies, nursing homes, telehealth platforms, large conglomerates, health-tech start-ups, fitness centers, hospital chains and many more, who generously shared their insights, collaboration and experiences on Alzheimer’s Disease and their commitment to improving the early current AD landscape in the future. 

During the event, Mr. Shohei Kanazawa, Vice President and President of the Asia and Latin America Region at Eisai Co., Ltd. (“Eisai”), delivered an inspiring opening speech “Due to the rapid aging of the population, the number of dementia patients in Thailand is projected to rise from 700 thousand to 2 million by 2050.  Dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease poses burdens not only on patients and their care partners, but also to the society and healthcare system.  Our goal for the future is to ultimately prevent disease progression, by engaging new diagnostic methodologies and next-generation treatment.  To enable this, Eisai will leverage our experience and knowledge and work with our partners to drive awareness of dementia and enhance access to diagnosis, treatments, total care for elders and dementia patients”, highlighting 2 critical aspects: 1) The importance of increasing the disease awareness of Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease, and 2) Enhancing the access to comprehensive care for MCI, dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease through ecosystem development.

Insights from the whitepaper on “Navigating Challenges, Embracing Horizon of Alzheimer’s Disease”, a collaboration with Roland Berger, Eisai Thailand, Thai Life insurance Public Company Limited, and Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited, were presented by Mr. Yoshihiro Suwa, Partner from Roland Berger Southeast Asia. 

A notable highlight of the forum was the “Elevating the AD Ecosystem for Optimal Impact on Thai AD Patients & Seniors: ‘Make a Difference’ Panel Discussion.”, during which the esteemed executives from the various private sectors shared their expertise in senior care and the Alzheimer’s Disease market in Thailand. They deliberated on the pivotal role private stakeholders can play in enhancing the Alzheimer’s Disease ecosystem. The distinguished panelists included:

  1. Thai Life Insurance Public Company Limited: Mr. Nitipong Pruchyanimit, Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer 
  2. Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited: Dr. Pimnara Hirankasi, Senior Vice President, Head of Research Division
  3. MorDee Application: Piraya Tamrongterakul, MD, Medical director, MorDee and CEO and co-founder Chiwiborirak, Co., Ltd
  4. Naya Residence Senior Living: Nart Fongsamut, MD, Director of Live Well Living Co., Ltd
  5. MCOT Public Company Limited: Mr. Peerapon Anutarasoat, Fact-Checker & Manager of Sure And Share Center

Mr. Nattapan Nimmanpatcharin, President of Eisai (Thailand) Marketing Co., Ltd., delivered a closing speech, encapsulating the essence of the forum and its impact on Alzheimer’s Disease in Thailand. “Currently, it’s abundantly clear that dementia and Alzheimer’s disease present profound challenges that demand our collective attention. These challenges encompass a spectrum of issues, including the limited awareness, the myriad burdens faced by patients and their caregivers, the urgent need to dismantle stigma, and the advocacy for accessible and high-quality care for all affected individuals. The vision of Dementia & Age-Friendly Cities in Thailand stands as a pivotal step forward in addressing these pressing concerns. Through concerted efforts, supported by society, private investors, and institutions alike, we can forge a path towards a more inclusive and supportive environment”. 

The “RISE AD Thailand Forum” stands as an indication to Thailand’s private sector commitment to advancing Alzheimer’s Disease research and fostering collaboration across sectors. The success of the event reaffirms the shared determination to make a positive impact on the lives of Alzheimer’s Disease patients and their families in Thailand.

For those interested in obtaining more information, please download the document at URL https://rb.gy/0zk9ym


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